Windsor Training Virtual Series

The Windsor Training Virtual Series is designed to equip senior decision-makers in financial institutions around the world to meet the increasing challenges which they face professionally.

Central Banking has realigned the traditional Training Series into an online format. Participants will benefit from a diverse group of presenters drawn from the official sector, markets, the media and academia through interactive discussions, detailing best practice, understand regulations, analyse case studies and more.

Participation on these courses is limited to official-sector delegates only.





More than 300 training courses have been run by Central Banking



Over 40 expert speakers chair our training courses annually


Central Bankers

More than 6,500 central bankers participated in the training courses



Over 200 institutions have sent participants to our training courses

Benefits of participating

  • Highly regarded experts lead the courses offering personal experience and guidance
  • A mixture of interactive content formats to help you learn
  • Live discussions to benchmark your work and gain exclusive insight 
  • Benchmark generator: courses offer window on emerging global good practice
  • Specially prepared pre-course reading provided for you to absorb at your own pace
  • Reliable online platform allows you to log in through multiple devices
  • Accreditation that counts towards your training and career development
  • Reduced costs mean that you can invite your colleagues to join in your learning experience

Virtual training features

  • A blend of interactive formats to help you learn
  • Reliable online platform allows access via multiple devices
  • Self-paced learning including presentations, worksheets and assignments
  • Live peer discussions to share, analyse and problem-solve
  • Chair selected reading for you to absorb at your own pace
  • Accreditation for your training and career development
  • Breakout rooms for workshops, and live chat with speakers and participants