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Macro-prudential Policy: Implementing the Financial Stability Mandate

Macro-prudential Policy: Implementing the Financial Stability Mandate

May 10 - 13

Chair: Maria Nieto, Advisor in the directorate of financial stability, regulation and resolution, Bank of Spain

What are the financial stability implications to the banking and non-banking sector, firstly in the Covid-19 era and secondly the digitisation era? What does it take to design, implement and enforce an effective framework for a sustainable, robust and resilient ecosystem? How would a disorderly transition to a low carbon economy affect the financial system? And is the macro-prudential toolkit flexible enough to adapt to environmental considerations? 

For those charged with managing financial stability within central banks, these are just some of the major questions they are facing when addressing systemic risks in the global financial system. A truly global crisis, Covid-19 can offer many learnings for managing financial stability. And the risks and demands do no stand still. Technology is changing not just markets but the way supervisors and financial stability experts work. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is increasingly identified as an important factor in the rapidly changing and dynamic global financial system. 

Chaired by financial stability expert Maria Nieto, and a roster of speakers from central banks around the world, this course will address the key challenges confronting financial stability experts and present effective tools and frameworks to overcome them. 

Each day will feature three hours of expert-led live content to maximise the opportunity to share and learn. The Course Chair will ensure participants have opportunities to network throughout the programme. 

Global timezone: 11am-2pm (BST) | 6am-9am (EDT) | 6pm-9pm (SGT) 

Learning outcomes

At the conclusion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Effectively design a macro-prudential policy
  • Create scenario based stress testing for climate financial risks
  • Build a framework for systemic stress testing
  • Understand how to measure their macro-prudential instruments’ effectiveness
  • Assess insolvency procedures for corporates and sovereigns

Maria Nieto

Advisor in the Directorate of Financial Stability, Regulation and Resolution

Bank of Spain

María J. Nieto is Associate to the Director General, Banking Regulation at Bank of Spain where she has developed different responsibilities in the realm of financial stability and its regulatory framework including crisis management since December 2000. Ms Nieto has been a contributor to the Basel Committee of Banking Supervisors as well as the European Commission, BIS, ECB and OECD. She is author of several articles on banking and regulatory issues that have been published by prestigious journals and member of the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Banking Regulation and the Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance. She has cooperated as consultant with the IMF and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and has worked at the ECB, Council of Economic Advisors to the Spanish President, the EBRD and the IMF. Ms Nieto earned a PhD cum laude from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a MBA from the University of California Los Angeles.