Suptech: Disruptive Technologies in Reporting, Regulation and Supervision 2022

Suptech: Disruptive Technologies in Reporting, Regulation and Supervision 2022

SupTech: Disruptive Technologies in Reporting, Regulation and Supervision

September 26 – 29

Live Content sessions held: 9am–1pm (EDT) | 2pm–6pm (BST) | 9pm–1am (SGT) 

Chair: Klaus Löber, chair of the CCP supervisory committee at European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)

In 2022, technological innovation is disrupting financial markets and their regulation. Cryptocurrencies are forcing regulators and supervisors to take sides, cyber threats bring new dimensions to systemic risk, and digitalisation is generating revolutionary platforms for both improved financial services and financial crime and fraud. Increasingly, supervisors see proactive application of advanced technologies like machine readability, big data, and machine learning opening up unprecedented regulatory and supervisory possibilities. Innovation in both suptech and regtech offer new tools and frameworks to accelerate risk-based reporting as well as monitor systemic risk. Yet, central bankers recognise that in order to make the most of these emerging opportunities, significant change is needed: at methodological, technical and institutional levels.

This course is designed to equip central bankers to meet these challenges. Each day will feature three hours of expert-led Live Content to maximise the opportunity to share and learn. The chair will 
ensure participants have opportunities to network throughout the course, with time set aside for a workshop on implementing key learnings. 


Learning outcomes

At the conclusion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how suptech is changing the business and relationships of supervision
  • Gain insights into how regtech can strengthen regulatory frameworks
  • Manage potential risks of outsourcing technology
  • Understand the role of central banks in the digital money ecosystem
  • Create a framework for managing challenges of regulating big tech

Klaus Löber

Chair of the CCP Supervisory Committee


Klaus Löber is the Chair of the CCP Supervisory Committee (CCP SC) in ESMA, which was established in 2020. His areas of responsibility encompass the tasks attributed by the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) to the CCP SC, in particular the enhanced supervisory convergence towards EU CCPs and ensuring a resilient CCP landscape in the EU as well the monitoring and supervision of CCPs established in third countries in view of the risks that they may pose to the EU financial system. He is also chairing the ESMA CCP Policy Committee contributing to the EU Single Rule Book in the area of CCPs.

Prior to this role, Mr Löber was the Head of the Oversight Division of the European Central Bank in charge of the oversight of financial market infrastructures, payments instruments and schemes. Earlier positions include the Head of the Secretariat of the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures, the global standard setting body in the area of payments, clearing and settlement as well as positions in the European Commission, Deutsche Bundesbank and private practice.

Mr Löber regularly publishes on financial markets legal, regulatory and infrastructure issues and lectures at universities.