Learn from experts

Drawing on experience from leading central bankers learning is based on practical expertise

Improve your onboarding

Focusing on core areas the course will increase the speed new starters understand essential operations

Solidify knowledge

Combining reflection, knowledge checks and assessment the course secures understanding

A global need

Working within central banking for the first time presents challenges. Whilst individuals will learn about their central bank, broader understanding of the industry, the profession and best practice can take years.

Foundations of Central Banking is designed to quickly equip users with:

  • A grounding in functions of a central bank
  • Experiences from global central bank experts
  • Digital learning that can be completed at their own pace
  • CPD accreditation on completion

Comprehensive coverage

Whilst every central bank is different there are functions that are common to most. 

The 8 course modules cover:

  • Governance                                                  
  • Monetary Policy
  • Financial Stability
  • Currency
  • Payments
  • Risk Management
  • Reserves
  • Supervision

International expertise

Each module is written, produced and updated by a central bank expert.

These experts uniquely bring: 

  • Over 100 years of global central banking experience collectively
  • Knowledge across all core disciplines in a central bank
  • First-hand experience of operational and policy realities
  • Understanding of what is essential for individuals to grasp in each discipline 


Hours of focused learning


Core disciplines


Question assessment


Learning objectives


Points to check and reflect


Key terms defined