Central Banking Training Advisory Board

Advisory Board

As central banking enters a new era, Central Banking Publications remains eager to reflect upon the changing sets of challenges. To this end, Central Banking Publications has strengthened its portfolio of expertise by establishing its new “Central Banking Training Advisory Board”.

Marek Petruš

Communications Director at Institute for Economic Education (INEV), and former Director of the General Secretariat, Czech National Bank

Institute for Economic Education (INEV)

Marek Petruš is an external relations manager with expertise in financial and economic policy communications who has served as an advisor to top monetary policymakers including governors in the Czech Republic as well as more than a dozen low-to-middle income developing countries. He is currently affiliated with the Institute for Economic Education (INEV), the Czech Republic's leading non-for-profit economic education institute. He has advised central banks across Eastern Europe,  Asia, and Africa on making their policies more transparent and on modernising their communications. His expertise and experience stems from an assignment as Director of Communications and later chancellor at the Czech National Bank (CNB), preceded by a career with the world’s leading news media companies, including Reuters and the Wall Street Journal. During his tenure, the Czech central bank upgraded its policy communications and brought its transparency and communication toolkit into line with global best practices. This helped solidify its standing as one of the world's most transparent and best communicating central banks.

Janet Cosier

former Adviser on Strategic Planning and Risk Management

Bank of Canada

Janet Cosier is the former Chief Risk Officer and Adviser on Strategic Planning at the Bank of Canada. She continues in her capacity as the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Payments Association. She has served in a variety of functions including comptroller and chief accountant, as well as chief internal auditor, before being appointed adviser to the governor. She has provided technical assistance to various central banks in the areas of strategic planning, risk management, governance and financial reporting. Before joining the Bank of Canada, she worked with the Office of the Auditor General of Canada and with the Department of Industry, Trade and Commerce. Mrs Cosier holds degrees from York University and the University of Windsor in mathematics, computer science, accounting and financial management.

John Jussup

former General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Bank of Canada

John Jussup was general counsel and secretary of the Bank of Canada, from 2009 until July 2012. Prior to joining the central bank, he was senior vice-president, chief legal officer & secretary of Cognos Inc., one of Canada’s leading software companies, from 1993 until its acquisition by IBM in 2008. Before joining Cognos, Mr Jussup held increasingly senior in-house counsel and secretarial positions in the mining, medical diagnostics and finance industries. He graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada and from Queen’s University, in Kingston, Canada (LLB). He was called to the Ontario Bar in 1979. He was a recipient of the Canadian General Counsel of the Year Award in 2005 in recognition of his achievements corporate governance. He currently sits on a number of boards and consults in the areas of in corporate secretarial and in-house legal practice.

Maria Nieto

Advisor in the Directorate of Financial Stability, Regulation and Resolution

Bank of Spain

María J. Nieto is Advisor in the Directorate of Financial Stability, Regulation and Resolution, at Bank of Spain where she has developed her career since December 2000. She is author of several articles on banking, financial stability and regulatory issues that have been published by prestigious peered reviewed journals and she is member of the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Banking Regulation and the Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance. She has cooperated as consultant with the IMF and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and has worked at the ECB, Council of Economic Advisors to the Spanish President and the IMF. Ms Nieto earned a PhD cum laude from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and MBA (finance) from the University of California Los Angeles.

Francesco Papadia

former Director General for Market Operations

European Central Bank

Francesco Papadia is chair of primary collateralised securities, chair of the selection panel of the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund, resident fellow of Bruegel and lectures at various universities. Between June 1998 and May 2012 he was director general for market operations at the European Central Bank. Before that he held different positions at Research Department and Foreign Department at the Bank of Italy. Between 1980 and 1983 he was economic advisor at the Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs of the European Commission. From 1974 to 1979 he served as economist in the Research Department of the Bank of Italy. He holds a degree in law from the University of Rome and did his postgraduate studies in economics at Istao, Ancona and at the London Business School. He has written numerous articles and books.

Atilla Arda

Senior Financial Sector Expert

International Monetary Fund

Atilla Arda is a Senior Financial Sector Expert in the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Monetary and Capital Markets Department; prior to this, he was a Senior Counsel in the IMF’s Financial & Fiscal Law Unit. Mr. Arda joined the IMF in February 2007 from the central bank of the Netherlands where he held a Senior Counsel position and was Substitute Secretary to the Board; he also contributed to the workings of the Legal Committee of the European System of Central Banks. Mr. Arda has consulted for over 70 countries, half of which on-site, including for the central banks of countries as diverse as Myanmar, Indonesia, Jamaica, Ukraine, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Kosovo, and Egypt. In recent years, he was the deputy mission chief for the IMF Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) for Switzerland and he led the crisis management workstream for the Euro Area FSAP; currently, he is leading the crisis management workstream for the USA FSAP. Mr. Arda is specialized in central bank governance and law, financial law, institutional frameworks for macroprudential policy and crisis management, financial safety net arrangements, crisis preparedness, and bank resolution regimes. Mr. Arda is a contributor for ‘Smit & Herzog on The Law of the European Union.’ He is a regular speaker at international conferences and has been chairing Central Banking Publications’ course on ‘Central Bank Governance and Legal Risks’ since 2014.

Iain Thomson

Managing Director

Squared Circle Consulting Ltd.

Iain Thomson spent most of his career at the Bank of England, holding positions in exchange control, foreign exchange, open market operations and training, before a two-year secondment to the Central Bank of Swaziland, sponsored by the IMF. There, he was director of foreign exchange reserves, and responsible for advising the governor, developing local capacity to manage financial markets, and establishing Swaziland's first stock market. On return to the UK, he was involved in helping various Eastern European and former Soviet Union central banks to modernise. He eventually created and was appointed to the role of Head of Training & Development at the Bank. After leaving the Bank in 1999 he set up his own consultancy firm, dealing with all aspects of performance management and working with over 250 organisations in 40 countries.

Kenneth Sullivan


Central Bank Consulting (and former Senior Financial Expert, International Monetary Fund)

Kenneth Sullivan was until 2015 a senior financial sector expert with the International Monetary Fund. Previously, he spent seven years at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand as chief manager of both Accounting and Corporate Services where the bank won accounting prizes for the transparency of its published financial statements. Prior to that he provided a financial management information system consultancy, held senior accounting roles in insurance and wholesaling, and worked in education. Starting in 1993 he served as accounting expert on IMF missions, providing accounting technical assistance to central banks around the world, organized and presented at central bank accounting workshops and participated in Financial Sector Assessment Program and Safeguard Assessment

Anand Sinha

former Deputy Governor

Reserve Bank of India

Anand Sinha joined the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in July 1976 and became deputy governor in January 2011. He was adviser in RBI up to April 2014 after demitting the office of deputy governor in RBI on January 18, 2014. As deputy governor, he was in charge of regulation of commercial banks, non-banking financial companies, urban cooperative banks and information technology, among others. He has represented the RBI in various Committees/Groups of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), was on the G20 Working Group on Enhancing Sound Regulation & Strengthening Transparency and also a board member of the Securities and Exchange Board of India. He holds master’s degree in physics from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.

The body gathers a global roster of leading authorities and practitioners with extensive experience in central banking and regulatory environment

We are delighted to announce that Central Banking Training events are being supported by the knowledge and expertise of the above board members.