Central Bank Board: Good Governance, Resilience and Enhanced Performance 2022

Central Bank Board: Good Governance, Resilience and Enhanced Performance 2022

Central Bank Board: Good Governance, Resilience and Enhanced Performance

September 19 – 22

Live Content sessions held: 9am–1pm (EDT) | 2pm–6pm (BST) | 9pm–1am (SGT) 

Chair: Audun Grønn, former special advisor to the governor, Norges Bank 

What central banks are asked to do is changing. For institutions that pride themselves on continuity and for whom credibility is their stock-in-trade, this is a pivotal time. Three dynamics are most pressing. Firstly, central banks must contend with the new world of rising inflation and normalising monetary policy. Second, they are being asked to adapt their mandate and therefore policies and structure to tackle climate and offer CBDC. Third, they are having to balance changing culture with retaining identity. Throughout, central bank boards and executives increasingly recognise the role of their institutions as leaders and exemplars, both at home and on the international stage. Yet they must also prepare to tackle market disruptions and the threats of increasing geopolitical and financial instability.

This course is designed to equip central bankers to meet these challenges. Each day will feature three hours of expert-led Live Content to maximise the opportunity to share and learn. The chair will 
ensure participants have opportunities to network throughout the course, with time set aside for a workshop on implementing key learnings.

Learning outcomes

At the conclusion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the changing demands of stakeholders and how to manage the impact on culture and identity
  • Develop good practices in overseeing performance and demonstrating accountability
  • Understand how to effectively integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives
  • Gain insights into CBDC development and implementation
  • Create a framework for increasing cyber risk awareness across the institution


Audun Grønn

Former special advisor to the governor

Norges Bank

Born 1953. Mr. Grønn holds a graduate degree in economics (cand.oecon. 1979) from the University of Oslo. Work experience since 1980 includes various positions at Norges Bank, including Director of International Department, Director of Statistics Department, and Special Advisor to the Governor. Mr. Grønn spent altogether eight years at IMF’s Executive Board in Washington DC, as Senior Advisor (1989-1992), Alternate Executive Director (2011-2013) and Executive Director (2013-2016), as well as one year at the ECB in Frankfurt as national central bank expert (2005-2006). He retired from his position at Norges Bank in July 2021, but continues as a consultant on a part-time basis.