What is Central Banking Training?

Central Banking Training blends a practical focus, global expertise and a trusted environment for sharing experiences. Every year, a growing portfolio of courses focuses on the specialised work of central bankers and the challenges they face. Perhaps that’s why more than 6,500 central bankers from 130+ central banks have taken part over the past 20 years.

In 2021, each course features online Live Content sessions where presentations, discussions and workshops encourage interactivity and networking with course chairs, speakers and peers.

Newly added elements Self Paced Learning and Practical Implementation Workshop complement the Live Content, enriching the experience and enhancing the learning journey. 


What is the course structure?

CBT - Product structure image_1200x500

What topics does Central Banking Training cover?

Banknotes  |  Big data  |  CBDC   |  Communications  |  Currency management   |  Financial reporting   |  Financial stability   |  Fintech  |  Governance  |  Human resources  |  Legal risks  |  Mobile payments  |  Monetary operations  |  Payment systems   |  Prudential regulation   |  Risk management   |  Strategic planning  |  Suptech  


Benefits of participating

  • Exclusive insights into the work of peers globally

  • New perspectives on emerging good practice

  • Share experiences, benchmark your work, grow your network

  • Trusted, interactive and practically-focused discussions

  • Guidance and support from highly regarded experts 

  • Pointers to improve performance and advance career

  • Inside track on changing international standards and guidelines

Virtual training features

  • A blend of media and formats optimised for networking and learning 

  • Chair selected Self Paced Learning to prepare and maximise benefit of discussions

  • Live peer discussions to share, analyse and problem-solve

  • Breakout rooms for workshops, and live chat with faculty and participants

  • Practical Implementation Workshop for fine tuning ideas and solutions

  • Accreditation for your training and career development

  • Reliable online platform allows access via multiple devices