Risk Management for Central Banks

Risk Management for Central Banks

Risk Management for Central Banks

Course Chair: Janet Cosier, former Adviser on Strategic Planning and Risk Management, Bank of Canada


Day 1: Emerging frameworks for risk management

  • What risks to central banks face in 2019 and beyond?
  • Reputation risk: Measuring the reputational impact of central bank risks
  • Risk management in the era of disruptive innovation


Day 2: Enhancing the risk management toolkit

  • Making the most of RiskTech – a user’s guide
  • Maintaining resilience: identifying, managing and mitigating operational risks
  • Enhancing the culture of risk – effective steps for successful implementation
  • Key features of an effective enterprise risk management system
  • Enabling the risk function: moving towards an integrated corporate management framework


Day 3: Risk management and business resilience in practice

  • Business continuity: learning from outages
  • Cyber risk and resilience: strategies, policies and frameworks for central banks
  • Re-evaluating the efficacy of central bank balance sheets


Day 4: Governance and reporting: a forward thinking approach

  • Risk governance: evolving the risk management framework
  • The backbone of the risk department – effective measuring and reporting
  • Course conclusion and action points