What is online training?

What is online training?

What is online training?

Our online training is a new digital format for your training needs. While it has been borne out of the COVID-19 pandemic, its benefits to you are unquestionable as we maintain the high-level content that we always have in our annual residential series. All discussions, debates, workshops, analysis and Q&A sessions will be available in real time and will encourage interactivity and networking with the course chairs and your peers as you would expect. 

The only differences are:

  • You can access this training remotely through any device connected to the internet
  • We will provide you with 6 hours of pre-course learning to absorb at your own pace
  • The reduced course prices mean that you and your colleagues could sign up to learn together

How will online training work?

Central Banking’s Virtual Training Courses are made up of four elements: Orientation, Pre-Learning, Live Content and Post training:

Central Banking Residential Virtual Training - New diagram

Virtual training features

  • A blend of interactive formats to help you learn
  • Reliable online platform allows access via multiple devices
  • Pre-learning of focused presentations, worksheets and assignments
  • Live peer discussions to share, analyse and problem-solve
  • Chair selected reading for you to absorb at your own pace
  • Accreditation for your training and career development
  • Breakout rooms for workshops, and live chat with speakers and participants

Benefits of participating

  • Exclusive insights into the work of peers globally
  • New perspectives on emerging good practice
  • Share experiences, benchmark your work, grow your network
  • Trusted, interactive and practically-focused discussions
  • Guidance and support from highly regarded experts 
  • Pointers to improve performance and advance career
  • Latest updates on changing international standards and guidelines

What to do next?