Central Banking Meetings Summer

Central Banking Summer Meetings 2023 will cover a variety of different topics including; monetary policy, financial stability, climate risk, reserve management, fintech and currency and payments.

Bringing central bankers together for two days of essential meetings

The meetings provide a space for central bankers to gather for essential peer-to-peer dialogue on current challenges. Over the two days attendees will have the chance to exchange ideas, innovation and best practices. Our global audience will get the opportunity to take part in lively debates, hear from our expert speakers and reunite with leaders from central banks around the world.


Reserve Management
  • Diversifying reserves in a fragmented geopolitical economy
  • Green bonds and sustainable investing
  • Exploring alternative currency investments
  • Driving financial inclusion through technological innovation
  • Impact of fintech on governance frameworks
  • Strengthening infrastructures
Payments and CBDCs
  • Developing a CBDC framework
  • Traditional payment systems vs. CBDCs
  • Improving cross-border payments
  • Responsible cash management in a crisis
  • Access to cash in 2040
  • Optimising the currency lifecycle and cutting costs
Monetary Policy and Financial Stability
Monetary Policy and Financial Stability
  • Global economic activity and the impact on monetary policy
  • Trends and threats for financial stability
  • Financial stability considerations for monetary policy




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