Central Banking Meetings Summer

In 2021, Central Banking is excited to announce its new Central Banking Meetings. Taking place in Spring, Summer and Autumn; these meetings will cover a variety of different topics including; monetary policy, financial stability, climate risk, reserve management, fintech and currency and payments.

Central Banking Summer Meetings is an exclusive event bringing together a global network of influencers and decision makers across the entire central banking community. Combining practical insight from industry experts and market practitioners , the comprehensive agenda will bring clarity on topics impacting the increasingly complex areas of monetary policy, financial stability, climate risk, reserve management, fintech and currency and payments.

Monetary Policy
  • Long term consequences of the emergency interventions that each country took in the pandemic​
  • Impact of increase in NPLs and what the macro-prudential policy response of this should be​
  • What will the new eurozone policy strategy look like and how will it impact other economies?
Financial Stability
  • Impact of climate risk on financial stability and coordinating on stress testing and the challenges of data for scenarios​
  • Impact of new trends such as digitilisation​
  • Impact of balancing new capital requirements and profitability and new ways of working in the banking sector​
  • Impact of increase in leveraged loans for​ asset managers and challenges that covid-19 has brought for the non banking sector​
Climate Risk
  • Lack of universal definitions, lack of quality data and lack of disclosures and challenge of standardising reporting
  • Understanding the different sustainable responsible investment strategies​ available to central banks and moving on from just negative screening​
  • Creating future cooperation between​ central banks and other sectors to create better transparency, reporting and data
Reserve Management
  • Hunt for more yield – what will the impact be if negative rates happen​
  • Implementing ESG in to the portfolios and SRI​
  • Hunt for more non-public assets​
  • Concern of geopolitical​ challenges and what that means for emerging economies and the rest of the world
  • Uses of AI and big data​
  • Understanding how to regulate fintech and regtech​
  • How to increase cyber resilience​
  • Understanding the benefits and main innovations in innovation hubs​
  • What best practice looks like in managing sandboxes​
  • Cloud – how to use it, integrate it and govern it
Currency & Payments
  • Understanding demand for cash
  • Learning CBs CBDC's pilots and learnings from these and the implications on policy​
  • Latest developments in banknote technology​




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