Central Banking Meetings Autumn

Central Banking Autumn Meetings will deliver content for our reserve management Asia audience and content focused on fintech for our Americas region

Join us at the Central Banking Autumn Meetings where a new track will focus on diversity and inclusion. The fintech, reserve management, climate risk and currency and payments tracks will address the critical themes driving the agendas for these areas in 2022.

Currency & Payments

Maintaining access to central bank money in a post-Covid-19 world

  • Understanding the learnings for cash provision from Covid-19
  • International cooperation to improve and enhance cross-border payments
  • Determining what problem CBDCs are solving
  • Creating a risk management framework for CBDCs
  • How can sustainability be considered in banknote distribution? 

Advancing opportunities of accelerating adoption of new technologies for central banks

  • Challenges of transitioning to a suptech solution and a best approach to strategy
  • Impact of technology adoption on tackling climate risk 
  • Use of technology to foster innovation and diversity internally. Where can central banks seek fintech talent?
  • Creating good governance for cyber security and use of third parties for cloud integration
Reserve Management

Impact of Covid-19: protecting reserve portfolios with new approaches and alternative investments

  • Preparing disclosures for climate risk and how these impact the reserves portfolios
  • Managing the impact of low interest rates
  • Opportunities and challenges of using ETFs in the portfolio
  • Insights in to alternative investments and the framework needed for them
  • Understanding the appropriate level of reserves and the factors to determine these levels
Climate Risk

A focus on the future: building a framework for disclosures and utilising technology to tackle climate risk

  • Incorporating sustainable practices internally in various functions
  • Evaluating the role of a climate change centre
  • Building a framework for disclosures for the balance sheet, reserves and carbon footprint
  • Impact that technology adoption has on central banks climate goals
Diversity & Inclusion

Use of technology internally and externally to foster diversity in the central banking community

  • How can CBDCs promote financial inclusion and payment diversity?
  • How can central banks foster diversity internally using technology?
  • What are the obstacles to greater diversity and inclusion?
  • How do central banks benefit from increased diversity and inclusion?




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