How to enter

How to enter

How to enter

The FinTech and RegTech Global Awards are free to enter and are open to all central banks, regulators, supervisors and commercial firms regardless of size, location or ownership. 

An organisation may enter as many awards categories as they wish, as long as they genuinely believe they meet the criteria for said award (see Categories). The awards are divided into two streams: 

  • Official sector (7 awards) – open to central banks, regulators and supervisors and government bodies only
  • Practitioner (10 awards) – open to all commercial entities

However, the awards are not limited; an official sector institution may nominate a commercial firm for a practitioner award and vice versa. The judging panel will consider all entries for each award category.

Organisations may enter as many categories as they wish, so long as they genuinely believe they meet the criteria listed alongside the categories (see Award Categories). The judging panel will consider all entries to each category.   

General entry information:   
About these awards: Entries to the FinTech & RegTech Global Awards are online-only. They consist of two sections: Section A and Section B (see below). Information in Section A is background information for the reference of the judges and remains strictly confidential. Section B will be included in the winners’ category write-ups, which will be published in Central Banking. 

Section A (all information in this section is strictly confidential)

  • 300-word entry explaining what the product/service is, what it does, what problem it solves for the central bank or for central banks/ official institution clients, why it is innovative or how it differentiates itself from similar types of offerings, and why you believe it should win the category. This can include confidential details of activities that are important considerations by may need to remain confidential.   

Section B (this information will form the basis of the winners’ category write-ups, but remains on background at the entry stage, only becoming on the record in the event that the entry wins the award) max 500 words

  • A single sentence outlining the uniqueness of the initiative/ service/ product. (25 words max)  
  • The main target users that the initiative/ service/ product is aimed at and how it has benefitted them. (25 words max)  
  • 1-2 key enhancements the initiative/ service/ product has undergone over the last 12 months and why those enhancements were made – for example: new functionality, new underlying technology, new delivery mechanism, etc. (100 words max)
  • Details of at least one central bank (or equivalent public institution) case study that includes an end-user reference or testimonial (100 words max). If permission is still being sought, please provide reference contact details in Section A. 
  • Examples of 2-3 metrics that quantify the impact of the showcases work, eg in terms of number/percentage of new users, cost savings, geographic/ other coverage, headcount, etc. (50 words max)
  • Examples of 2-3 enhancements/improvements the entire central bank/ partner company has made over the last 12 months. This can include new/enhanced products for the central banking community, new geographies, new partnerships, new hires, new business lines, etc. (75 words)
  • Examples of 1-2 areas the central bank/ partner company will look to improve/grow over the next 12 months. Again, this can include forthcoming services for central banks, new geographies, new alliances, new hires, new business lines, etc. (75 words max)
  • One statement (accompanied by a high-res image) from a senior executive from the organisation as to why they think the company should win. (50 words max)

If you have any questions about the changes outlined above, please contact Lauren Bates.