We now live in a time where key technologies play a major part in our work – from AI and machine learning, to design thinking and the cloud. Central banks have an obligation and opportunity to explore the potential of new technologies as the financial sector continues evolve and adapt to growing consumer demands and complex risks. For more information about entering, please visit how to enter.


Official sector awards

Global impact award

This award will celebrate a central bank or a supervisor/regulator that has shown true innovation in its approach to harnessing financial technology. Its work will also have significance for the wider central bank community.

Pioneer award

The award will recognise an exceptional individual or team within a central bank/supervisor/regulator who has made an outstanding contribution to facilitating the use of cutting-edge technology for the public good.

Cyber Resilience Initiative

The winning entry will explain how an initiative introduced by a central bank, regulator or supervisor has improved cyber resilience in the areas of improved detection, contingency management and overall system security.

CBDC Initiative

This award will recognise a central bank’s digital currency proof of concept, pilot or roll-out, designed for the purpose of financial inclusion, payments efficiency or advancing tokenisation. 

Artificial Intelligence Initiative

This award will acknowledge a central bank, regulator or supervisor that has integrated machine learning tools and techniques into its day-to-day process in at least one area, such as forecasting, liquidity management, payments oversight, regulatory reporting or fraud detection.

Cloud Initiative

The winning entry will provide details of a central bank, regulator or supervisor’s efforts to harness the safe and efficient use of private, public or hybrid cloud technology. Initiatives could be internal or external, for example, issuing hygiene guidelines for regulated entities.

Sustainability Initiative

This award will celebrate an institution that is using technology as part of an effort to analyse and/or mitigate climate risks. Examples could include developing new tools to help model and manage climate risks, or improving the depth and integrity of the green finance market.

Practitioner awards

Global technology partner

This award will recognise an organisation that has proven itself as a leader when providing technology solutions to help improve central banking or supervisory performance. Entries should include details of at least one initiative with a central bank in the fintech, regtech and/or suptech areas.

CBDC partner

This award will be issued to a service provider for their work in the realm of central bank digital currencies, including work done in the development stages. 

Anti-money laundering technology partner

This award will recognise a technology provider whose anti-money laundering offering is demonstrably helping authorities to reduce financial crime. The winners will have partnered with at least one central bank or similar oversight institution.

Cloud solutions partner

The winning entry will explain how cloud services have enhanced business processes across the central bank, regulator and/or supervisor. Entries must include a use-case example.

Cyber security partner

This award will recognise excellence in cyber security technology, advice and/or co-operation. Entrants must provide evidence of how their offering has improved the cyber resilience of a central bank, supervisor, regulator, or a sector over which they have oversight.

Technology partner for regulatory compliance

The winning provider will be able to demonstrate how their services have helped to reduce compliance costs, assist in the transition towards standardised data and automated reporting, and help close the gap between regulatory expectation and interpretation. A demonstrable track record of aiding entities to comply with existing or newly issued regulation in a live environment is essential.

Open finance partner

This award will recognise a firm that has partnered with a central bank or similar institution to facilitate tech innovation as part of an effort to develop open finance, improving payments, market infrastructure, banking or financial services. A case example is required.


This award recognises excellence in pioneering tokenisation technology and developing use cases. Entrants must provide evidence of how their offering has improved exploration by a central bank, supervisor, regulator, or in the sector over which they have oversight. 

Sustainable finance

This award will recognise consulting and/or technology services being used by a central bank or sovereign fund to calculate the carbon emissions of their investments or develop the sustainable finance sector.  


This award recognises collaboration with central banks, regulators and/or supervisors in the areas of quantum computing, artificial intelligence or other cutting-edge technology in research, supervision or operations.