Climate Risk Summit

The Climate Risk Hub will provide participants with an overview of key international standards and initiatives, tips for development of effective policy tools, and examples of cross-sectoral and cross-jurisdictional cooperation and coordination across webinars, virtual roundtables and virtual events

What is Climate Risk Virtual Summit?

The summit will discuss the development in climate risk policies and where they sit in central banks mandates, the need for urgent coordinated action for policy change, technology capabilities and solving the lack of data and data gaps. It will discuss quantification of climate risk and the importance of modelling cost of failure.


Who is it for?

The Climate Risk Summit is of particular relevance to those industry experts with the following job titles:

Governor | Deputy Governor | Chief Investment Officer | Head of Reserve Management | Head of Market Operations | Portfolio Manager | Head of Risk Management | Head of Foreign Exchange Reserves | Treasurer / Head of Treasury | Head of Governance | Head of Public Markets | Head of External Fund Management | Head of Financial Stability

Stress testing climate risk
Scenario analysis
Transition risk in portfolios
Strategic asset allocation
Economics of the transition
Financial stability
Rating systems for reducing carbon footprint