Basel III: Implementing the Global Regulatory Framework

Central Banking Publications have designed this two-day training course to provide practitioners with the latest developments and good practice methods regarding Basel III and CRD IV and implementing the Global Regulatory Framework.



Basel III: Implementing the Global Regulatory Framework


Intensive, practical and focused training

Central Banking Publications have designed this two-day training course to provide practitioners with the latest developments, good practice methods and key skill-sets needed for the effective implementation of Basel III, CRD IV and the Global Regulatory Framework:

  • Identify points of systemic risk
  • Analyse risk exposures
  • Understand interconnectedness
  • Stress-test systems and players

The first day of the course covers the building blocks and essential elements used in the analysis: scenario generation and monitoring of risk exposure networks; visualisation of dynamics of market correlations; development of advanced stress testing procedures.

The second pivots towards the practical with sessions detailing applications of techniques in; payment analytics through network theory and agent-based modelling; design and oversight of financial market infrastructures; detection and investigation of financial and cyber-crime.

Throughout the course, each session features interactive hand-on exercises that will enable delegates to apply their newly acquired skills to real-life market scenarios, and conduct analysis' of data via digital dashboards provided by the tutor.

Bozena Gulija is a former vice president and regulatory manager (banking supervision & regulation) at State Street Bank. Bozena has over 15 years of experience in the financial sector covering different aspects of the challenges related to the finance industry, including banking supervision, prudential regulation, risk management and various jurisdictions and business models.

Equipped with a background in economics, finance/banking and international relations, she has worked for private organisations including State Street Bank, Nordea Bank, Privredna banka (Intesa Sanpaolo Group), as well as public institutions such as the European Court of Auditors, the Croatian National Bank, Institute for Development and International Relations and the Croatian Chamber of Economy.

Bozena holds a Master’s Degree in Economics & Finance from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. She also holds various postgraduate studies from Georgetown University (International Institute for Political and Economic Studies) and The London School of Economics and Political Science, LSE (Business, International Relations and the Political Economy).

Bozena Gulija

Former State Street Bank & Croatian National Bank