Since 1999 Central Banking Publications are proud to have provided training to over 6000 official sector delegates from more than 140 countries. The Windsor Training Series has received outstanding feedback from previous delegates and we are pleased to host it again in 2019


A rich opportunity for discussions and sharing practices among central banks. Speakers addressed a wide range of topics – great program!
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia


A unique opportunity to share experience with central bankers from around the world.
Central Bank of Luxembourg


The seminar was well organised and the resources were good. The staff from central banking were excellent. 
Bank of Zambia


Everything was brilliant, Marek has been a wonderful chair and I will recommend this course to my colleagues back home. Thank you very much.
Bank of Italy


This course is essential to central bankers. This course will equip us with tools and techniques that can be useful to help communicate with public at large in an effective way that also serves central bank's purpose. 
Bank of Thailand 


The seminar provided a great opportunity for continuing professional development and to network with peers from different countries.
Bank of Zambia


We have few opportunities to learn best practices from our peers, so this seminar is an incredibly important opportunity. The agenda was well-curated, the speakers were very knowledgeable & the chair facilitated lively, valuable discussions.
Central Bank of Ireland


This course offers comprehensive understanding on new issues delivered by prominent speakers with examples of implementation. I gained valuable knowledge, fruitful discussion and of course high-value of long-time networking with fellow central bankers.
A central bank delegate


A very informative seminar which provides a pool of information to select from in line with the specific organisational requirements.
Central Bank of Swaziland


Central Banking seminars are among the best opportunities for leaders and professionals to expand their knowledge and awareness.
Central Bank of Hungary


It was amazing and very useful seminar. I have to say it was the best I have ever attended.
Czech National Bank


Good practice in banknote and currency management provided me with the points to enhance central bank operations in my country.
Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago


Through this course, I get a lot of information and knowledge sharing about currency management issues from practitioners and other central banks. 
Bank Indonesia


The seminar was very insightful in many emerging areas of the profession such as cybersecurity, organisational culture, ethics and performance management. I certainly found it useful, relevant and a worth-while 
Bank of Zambia