Strategic Planning and Management: Delivering Change and Meeting Objectives

Strategic Planning and Management

Strategic Planning and Management: Delivering Change and Meeting Objectives

Course Chair: Janet Cosier, former Adviser on Strategic Planning and Risk Management, Bank of Canada


Tuesday - 28 May 2019

New Demands Facing Central Banks

Operating in a multi-mandate environment: a governor’s perspective

Marko Škreb, former Governor, Croatian National Bank


  • Overview of central banks evoling mandate in 2019
  • Implication for external responsibilities and internal functioning
  • Impacts of the evoling mandates and what this means for the central bank
  • Discussion: experiences from the delegates home jurisdictions

Climate risk in focus: new roles and responsibilities for central banks

Chris Faint, Head of Peer Supervision and Risks Division, International Banks Directorate, Bank of England


  • Climate change as a new source of local and systemic risk
  • Overview of financial, operation and regulatory risks associated with climate change
  • New roles and responsibilities for central banks’ in relation to tacking climate change risk
  • Examples of central bank initiatives for tackling climate change internally

Designing the strategic plan in 2019: key building blocks, focus areas and performance indicators

Janet Cosier, former Adviser on Strategic Planning and Risk Management, Bank of Canada

  • The evolution of strategy planning and management as an internal function
  • Key features of the building blocks of strategy design
  • Examples of innovate approaches to strategic planning and management
  • Hands on exercise: indicators and matrixes for continuous assessment of strategic objectives

Wednesday - 29 May 2019

Dealing with Disruption

Strategic planning and risk management: the mutual enablers

Janet Cosier, former Adviser on Strategic Planning and Risk Management, Bank of Canada


  • Synergies and overlaps between the risk management and strategic planning function
  • Emerging opportunities and unavoidable trade-offs
  • Examples of methods and tools for systemic coordination and cooperation between the two functions
  • Tips for engagement in the planning process: options and choices to address key areas of risk

Project development in focus: strategic management through annual business plan

Shehzad Ali Sharif, Joint Director, Strategic Planning Department, State Bank of Pakistan and Muhammad Akmal, Director Strategic Planning, State Bank of Pakistan


  • The role of an annual business plan in strategic management
  • Examples of project development as a tool for strategic planning implementation
  • Frameworks for continuous assessments of short, medium and long term delivery of a project
  • Case study: strategic management through annual business plan in the state bank of Pakistan

Reporting and contextualising change: from output to outcomes

Pether Burvall, Controller and Senior Adviser, Sveriges Riksbank 


  • Overview of frameworks and indicators for monitoring and measuring change
  • Examples of reporting frameworks to and from the strategic manager
  • Tips for central banks to target and assess strategic change and business performance
  • Case study: modernising the world’s oldest bank: the journey and models


Workshop: what’s next for strategic planning?

Janet Cosier, former Adviser on Strategic Planning and Risk Management, Bank of Canada

  • Key expectations in relation to the strategic management functions for 2020 and beyond
  • Trends and dynamics of roadmaps and frameworks helping to adjust the medium and long term strategy
  • Challenges and opportunities for leaders
  • Hands on exercise: building a strategic plan for 2020

Workshop: working with central bank leaders

Mohammed Nyaoga, Chairman of the Board, Central Bank of Kenya


  • The roles and responsibilities of the executive and non-executive board members
  • Overview of engaging central bank leaders in the design and formulation of a strategic plan
  • Frameworks for consistent communication
  • Discussion: what does the chairman of the board expect from the strategic managers and what do the strategic managers expect from the chairman?   

Thursday - 30 May 2019

Enabling New Tools and Key Policy Functions

Capitalising on new opportunities: from Big Data to SupTech

Trevor Sabean, Senior Director, Data and Statistics Office Bank of Canada


  • Evolution of new variables and dynamics shaping the work of strategic managers in 2019
  • Challenges and opportunities of integration into strategic frameworks
  • Implications for resourcing and institutional organisation
  • Discussion: to what extent should central banks be able to plan for the unplannable

Communications: demonstrating good governance and safeguarding reputation

Mike Hannah, former head of Communications/ Board Secretary, Reserve Bank of New Zealand

  • Overview of governance, reputation and legitimacy in the central bank
  • Key features of a reputation framework
  • Strategies and approaches to communication - cross-country comparisons 
  • Hands-on exercise: how to measure the effectiveness of communications

Right-sourcing in focus: how to strategically coordinate outsourced solutions with the in-house ones?

Panel with Trevor Sabean, Senior Director, Data and Statistics Office Bank of Canada and Christian Durand, Former Deputy Comptroller General, Banque de France

  • Evolving roles of procurement in central banking
  • How to best manage parts of the data related IT environment
  • Factors and indicators helping you to understand where your institution needs technical agility
  • Frameworks and tools to use during the decision making process: to insource or outsource
  • Tips on how to best integrate the outsourced solutions with the in-house solutions

Friday - 31 May 2019

Strengthening Institutional Resilience

Interdepartmental coordination: communication in focus

Mirela Roman, Strategy Advisor to the Board, National Bank of Romania


  • Key features of effective internal communication
  • Trends and dynamics of internal department coordination
  • The roles and responsibilities of communication and coordination facilitators
  • Examples of innovative methods and frameworks for communication and coordination

How to strategically manage technology and innovation?

Livingstone Morrison, Deputy Governor, Bank of Jamaica

  • State of the art technological disruptive innovation in finance
  • Examples of recent impact and implications for central bank regulators
  • Managing strategic, operational and project risks related to banking innovation
  • Transforming bank risk-management function

Delegate action points and key takeaways

Led by the chair, Janet Cosier

  • Summary of the training course
  • Discussion of the observed trends and case studies
  • Application of learning points in the delegates’ home organisations
  • Preparation of action points