Communications, Media Relations and Engagement

Communications, Media Relations and Engagement

Communications, Media Relations and Engagement

Course Chair: Marek Petruš, Communications Director at Institute for Economic Education (INEV), and former Director of the General Secretariat, Czech National Bank 

Tuesday - 28 May 2019

When Central Banks Talk, Markets Listen

The media environment in 2019: new dynamics, challenges and opportunities

Marek Petruš, former Director of the General Secretariat, Czech National Bank and Swaha Pattanaik, Global Economics Editor, Thomson Reuters


  • Key factors, themes and dynamics shaping the media environment in 2019
  • New roles and responsibilities of the communication officials in central banks
  • Overview of unavoidable risks, critical challenges and emerging opportunities
  • Discussion of the relationship between the execution of communication strategies and the performance of central banks’ functions and mandates

Crisis communication as the (new) normal

Patrick Honohan, former Governor, Central Bank of Ireland


  • Examples of “crisis communication” to the markets via different tools and channels
  • Overview of successful strategies and steps to be avoided
  • Implications for relationships with external consumers such as journalists as well as for internal coordination within a central bank
  • Hands-on exercise: crisis communication based on real life scenarios

Communication for inclusive innovation: a digital money case study

Isidra Delfino, Head of Corporate Communication, Institutional Communication, Central Bank of Uruguay


  • The role of communication in financial education, inclusion and innovation
  • Management and coordination of engagement channels, tools and platforms
  • Cooperation with other financial institutions and public authorities
  • Case study: communication of M-Pesa by the Central Bank of Uruguay

Wednesday - 29 May 2019

Communication in Practice: Combining New Methods and Tested Tools

The emerging role of Big Data and Machine Learning in central banking communication

Giuseppe Bruno, Economics and Statistics Directorate, Bank of Italy (invited)


  • Implications and opportunities of disruptive technological innovation for central bank communication
  • Examples of applications in the areas of design, execution and evaluation of different communication strategies and frameworks
  • Assessment of the analytical value of new tools – such as text-mining – based on Big Data and Machine Learning
  • Case study: analysis of social media response to a monetary policy announcement

The effective use of speeches in central bank communication and policy

Katherine Macklem, Director of Policy Communications and Stakeholder Relations, Bank of Canada


  • The role of traditional communication tools in the digital era
  • The unique value of speeches in central banks’ policy communication
  • Key features of an effective speech preparation and successful delivery
  • Hands-on exercise: speech-writing techniques

Workshop – part 1: making the most of press releases and media presentations

Led by the chair Marek Petruš and Nils Blythe, former Communications Director, Bank of England


  • Overview of different approaches to prepare press releases and media presentations
  • Analysis of good practice points based on a range of examples
  • Key features of successful distribution strategies -  and applications of embargoes
  • Hands-on exercise: quick draft release in response to a real life crisis scenario

Workshop – part 2: embracing multimedia and audio-visual tools

Nils Blythe, former Communications Director, Bank of England


  • Good practice and ‘tricks of the trade’ in TV and video production environment
  • Take part in a live TV style interview
  • Groups analysis of the results
  • Documentation of the best tips and steps to be avoided

Thursday - 30 May 2019

Embracing Technology to Reach Wider Audiences

Making the most of online platforms: a 360° approach to strategy

Marek Petruš, former Director of the General Secretariat, Czech National Bank


  • The evolving role of online platforms in the communication landscape
  • Key strands that central banks need to master to have an effective online presence
  • Examples of the uses of platforms such as online blogs in the wider communication strategy
  • Case study: Czech National Bank’s experience of launching Twitter and Facebook accounts

Maintaining a social media presence: how to monitor and master the latest trends

Steven Cull, Media Relations and Social Media Strategy, Communications Division, Central Bank of Ireland


  • The role of social media presence in central bank communication framework
  • Overview of key opportunities and risks to be aware of
  • Tips for aligning social media strategy to central banks’ organisational mandate
  • Examples of the plain language uses and applications

In search of excellence in websites and digital platforms

Christian Beslmeisl, Head of Web Communications, Bank for International Settlements or a speaker from the South African Reserve Bank


  • The unique value of websites and digital publications as communication tools
  • Key features of an effective management of the website as a display of central banks’ entire history
  • Examples of effective delivery of announcements, speeches, data and research to the general public and banking professionals
  • Case study: a tablet and smartphone app

Friday - 31 May 2019

Measuring (and so Improving) Communication and Engagement

Designing measurement matrixes and responding to key indicators

Katherine Macklem, Director of Policy Communications and Stakeholder Relations, Bank of Canada


  • Design, maintenance and calibration of frameworks for evaluating the effectiveness of diverse central bank communication strategies
  • Key features of models, methods and standards combining qualitative and quantitative variables
  • Tips for a successful management of issues related to the communications department’s coordination and engagement with other structures within a central bank
  • Case study: the Bank of Canada’s analytical matrix

Conducting surveys on public understanding: a New Zealand case study

Mike Hannah, Head of Communication and Board Secretary, Reserve Bank of New Zealand


  • The role of public surveys in central banks’ communication strategies
  • Overview of the tools and channels applicable for public surveying
  • Evaluation of the results of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s 2018 survey on public trust, confidence and understanding of the Bank’s mandates and functions
  • Discussion of methodological approaches used in the analysis

Delegate action points and key takeaways

Led by the chair, Marek Petruš


  • Summary of the training course
  • Discussion of the observed trends and case studies
  • Application of learning points in the delegates’ home organisations
  • Preparation of action points