The landscape of sovereign investors and central banks 

  • Investing in the future: rapidly evolving strategies for implementation
  • Sustainable investment: investing for the long-term 
  • Asset management: outsourcing vs. insourcing

Central banks and responsible investment: opportunities for global capital markets

  • Responsible management of government reserves 
  • Central banks and the pivotal role they play in helping to promote responsible financial markets 
  • Looking beyond the borders of the national market central banks supervise

Climate change as a source of economic and financial risk

  • How climate change might affect the economy and financial stability
  • Distinguishing between climate and environment-related risks
  • How these risks might have persistent impacts on macroeconomic and financial variables

Sustainable investment and long-term investing – the 2020 vision  

  • Increasing awareness of risks associated with sustainability issues and opportunities 
  • The need for a more comprehensive understanding of the trends reshaping the world economy 
  • Developing global collaboration – driving more stable, sustainable financial markets