Bank of China (Hong Kong) Renminbi Roundtable

Central Banking Publications, in partnership with Bank of China (Hong Kong), is proud to present the 8th Renminbi Roundtable which will take place on the 27 June 2019 in Rabat, Morocco.


Central Banking’s 9th Renminbi Roundtable

“Towards Organic Growth in International Use”

A special meeting of Central Banking’s Reserve Assets Study Group


Central Banking's 9th Renminbi Roundtable

The event has now concluded. Thanks for your attendance.

Responding to the demand from Central Bankers, Central Banking Publications hosted another of its exclusive meetings dedicated to the reserve managers with an active interest in the issues, implications and opportunities associated with internationalisation of the renminbi.


Since the International Monetary Fund added the renminbi to its Special Drawing Right basket, central bank reserves held in this currency have increased significantly. In the past three years, the number of official institutions holding renminbi in their reserves nearly doubled, and their holdings of the Chinese currency now exceed one trillion renminbi.  

And yet, for many observers renminbi reserves and investments remain smaller than the strength of the Chinese economy in the world economy would merit.


From a reserve manager’s point of view, this presents more questions than answers:

  • Is the renminbi market liquid and deep enough?
  • What are the key risks and opportunities of investing into Chinese bonds?
  • What are the trends impacting market infrastructures facilitating the trading, clearing and settling of renminbi?
  • What will be the implications of the emerging geopolitical and geoeconomic dynamics of the US – China trade tensions and the Belt and Road Initiative?

To this end, Central Banking Publications has responded to the demand from central bankers and will host a meeting of reserve managers dedicated to these important topics.

Who Should Attend
  • Head of Reserve Management 
  • Head of Financial Markets 
  • Chief Investment Officer 
  • Portfolio Manager 
  • Treasurer/ Head of Treasury 
  • Investment Director 
  • Head of Risk 
  • Head of External Fund Management
Attending Organisations
  • Central Banks
  • Ministries of Finance
  • State Pension Funds
  • Social Security Funds
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • National Treasury Offices
  • Debt Management Offices
  • Stabilisation Funds

Isabelle Strauss-Kahn

Event Chair

Isabelle Strauss-Kahn is the former Lead Financial Officer in the Financial Advisory and Banking Department at World Bank Treasury. She has gained more than 15 years’ experience in Market Operations Department, from front to middle and back-office aspects, at the Banque de France where she was Market Operations Director, but also at the BIS Banking Department. She participated in several technical assistance missions with the IMF, the World Bank and on a bilateral basis at the Banque de France.  She was a member of several international committees, has been a speaker in numerous conferences related to investment practices and wrote articles on reserve management. She got an MBA in France and an MA (with PhD core) in Economics from University of Chicago




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Bank of China (Hong Kong)

As with all of the previous roundtables, we are honoured to be partnering with the Bank of China (Hong Kong), a designated clearing bank for the renminbi.

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