RiskTech: New Opportunities in Treasury, Risk and Compliance Technology

RiskTech: New Opportunities in Treasury, Risk and Compliance Technology

RiskTech: New Opportunities in Treasury, Risk and Compliance Technology

Course chair: Eric Wolfe, former Deputy Managing Director, Funds Management and Banking Department, Bank of Canada


Tuesday - 21 May 2019

The Payments Revolution in Focus

Case study: utilising automation and smart tools for greater efficiency



  • Examples of RiskTech applications for governance and compliance procedures
  • Overview of smart tools for a more effective detection, management and containment of different types of risk
  • Tips for making the most of the new opportunities in the area of robotics
  • Discussion: How to manage the key risks of RiskTech?

RiskTech: making the most of disruptive innovation



  • The state of the art of RiskTech
  • Impact of disruptive innovation on risk management frameworks and strategies
  • Overview of key technologies in the areas of DLT, Big Data analytics, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing
  • Discussion: What does it take to manage innovation?

The evolution of risk management in central banks



  • Evolution of the risk management function in central banks
  • Overview of the emerging risks in 2019
  • Key components of a robust and responsive risk management framework
  • Discussion: What is the role of the risk management department in a modern central bank?

Wednesday - 22 May 2019

Applications of RiskTech across Front, Middle and Back-office Functions

Institutional restructuring: new roles and responsibilities in risk departments



  • Evolution of the institutional organisation of risk management departments in central banks
  • Overview of new roles, functions and responsibilities
  • Tips for successfully integrating new (technology based) tools and practices into existing frameworks
  • Case study: Reforming the risk management department at the Reserve Bank of India

Applications of Blockchain and DLT for better data management



  • Key features of effective data management frameworks and strategies
  • Overview of the DLT-based APIs (Application Programming Interface) and software platforms for data collection, processing and analysis
  • Implications, challenges and opportunities for the work of risk managers
  • Tips for effective management of sensitive issues in the areas of security standards and confidentiality

Using Machine Learning in portfolio techniques and treasury operations



  • The state of the art of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Overview of the key applications in the official sector and central banking
  • Impact, risks and opportunities for treasury operations and risk metrics including counterparty concentration
  • Examples of Machine Learning based models and techniques for portfolio construction and optimisation

Making the most of Big Data analytics in trading, risk and liquidity management



  • Evolution of Big Data analytics
  • Overview of applications for effective management of different types of financial risks
  • Examples of Big Data based trading platforms
  • Case study: Using Big Data to monitor liquidity and visualise risk concentration

Sourcing technology solutions: how to blend industry and in-house – panel discussion



  • Overview of areas where central banks need technical agility
  • Examples of strategies, frameworks and indicators to assess suitability and needs of technological toolkit
  • Tips for selection and coordination of in-house solutions with the outsourced ones
  • Hands-on exercise: Building a framework for cost-benefits analysis

Thursday - 23 May 2019

Emerging Risks in Focus

Identifying and managing non-financial risks of disruptive innovation


  • Overview of key operational, legal and ethical risks associated with disruptive innovation
  • Examples of frameworks and strategies for effective management of non-financial risks
  • The role and potential of RiskTech solutions
  • Discussion: How to integrate innovation into risk culture?

Building-up the resilience of a digitalised ecosystem: identification and containment of cyber risks


  • Overview of key financial, legal and operational risks for infrastructures based on computer systems and digital information
  • Examples of systemic implications of successful cyber attacks
  • Key features of effective cyber resilience frameworks and strategies
  • Hands-on exercise: Detecting anomalies in cyber networks

What are the implications and opportunities of central bank digital currencies (CBDC) for markets and portfolios?



  • Differences and overlaps between privately issued crypto assets and central bank digital currencies (CBDC)
  • Overview of the key CBDC projects across the globe
  • Implications for the work of risk managers at central banks
  • Opportunities and challenges for reserve management frameworks and strategies

Friday - 24 May 2019

RiskTech and Strategic Planning: Mutual Enablers

Risk management: cost or investment?


  • Overview of “traditional” resourcing strategies for the risk management function
  • Examples of frameworks to effectively manage the needs of competing departments and develop an across-the-bank view
  • Tips for generating buy-in from leadership groups and the board
  • Hands on exercise: Performance review of a central bank’s risk management strategy and budget

Workshop: what next for risk management?



  • Key expectations in relation to the risk management functions for 2020 and beyond
  • Trends and dynamics of roadmaps and frameworks helping to adjust the medium and long term strategy
  • Challenges and opportunities for leaders
  • Hands on exercise: Building a risk management framework for 2020

Chair’s conclusions and delegates’ action points



  • Summary of the training course
  • Discussion of the observed trends and case studies
  • Application of learning points in the delegates’ home organisations
  • Preparation of action points