Central Banking RMB Roundtable

Central Banking Publications, in partnership with Bank of China (Hong Kong), is proud to present the 8th Renminbi Roundtable which will take place on the 27 June 2018 in São Paulo, Brazil.


Renminbi Roundtable

Central Banking Publications, in partnership with Bank of China (Hong Kong),
is proud to present the 8th Renminbi Roundtable.

27 June 2018, São Paulo, Brazil.

This year, the renminbi roundtable continued to provide a platform to discuss the complex issues and challenges. Some of those included the normalisation cycle of monetary policy, exchange rate volatility and how the risks need to be properly managed as well as the complex geopolitical environment. These challenges increase the uncertainties and could potentially have an impact on the volatility of financial markets. 

Our 8th Renminbi Roundtable in São Paulo provided central banks with an invaluable opportunity to share and hear first-hand experiences with peers and gain detailed and practical insights into the renminbi and specifically investing in the currency as a reserve asset.


  • The strategic asset allocation rational at BCB

  • The internationalization of the renminbi – outlook on China’s economy and the RMB

  • The renminbi as a global reserve currency: the growing importance

  • Tactical asset allocation alternatives

  • Opportunities and challenges of investing in the onshore and offshore market

Eric Wolfe

Former Deputy Managing Director, Funds Management and Banking Department

Bank of Canada

Eric Wolfe has over 25 years applied experience in market, credit and operational risk management and was most recently Deputy Managing Director of the Funds Management and Banking Department at the Bank of Canada. His previous roles have spanned asset management, credit derivatives, trading risk management and macroeconomic forecasting, across Asia, North America and Europe.

Eric holds an M.A. in economics from the University of Toronto, is a CFA charterholder and has received the Professional Risk Manager designation.

Eric has spoken in previous NALM Asia conferences. As Chairman of this year's event, he will facilitate interactive dialogue and thought-provoking discussion with his wealth of experience in central banking.

Isabela R. Damaso Maia

Head of Department, Corporate Risk and Benchmarks

Banco Central do Brasil (BCB)

Isabela joined Banco Central do Brasil in 1995 at the foreign reserves’s front office. In 1997, created the first risk area at BCB and was responsible for the design and implementation of the international reserves risk framework that is in place since 2000. In 2006, still focused on financial risks, her role expanded to cover the central bank balance sheet. Since 2011, as head of corporate risk department, she leads an enterprise wide risk model implementation, providing risk data for decision making.  Some technical articles in risk management and foreign reserves management were published along this time in books and journals. She holds a BA in statistics and has a MBA in finance.

Anchor Chan

Assistant General Manager, Head of Financial Institutions (Bank)

Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited

Mr Anchor Chan is the Head of Financial Institutions (Bank) of Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited. He is responsible for the strategic development and relationship management of commercial banks, central banks, sovereign wealth funds and international financial institutions. He is also a member of the Credit Risk Assessment Committee of the Bank.

Anchor has been engaged in the financial services industry for over 25 years and has been with Bank of China Group since 1993. Prior to the current position, he assumed various positions in trade finance, treasury and financial institutions within the Bank.

Annie Cheung

Economist, Economics & Strategic Planning Department

Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited

Ms. Annie Cheung is Economist at Bank of China (Hong Kong) and joined the firm in 2011. Her main research areas cover macroeconomic development in China and the US. Prior to that, she was a professional in corporate banking. Ms. Cheung obtained a Master Degree in Economics from Lakehead University in Canada. She also got a BBA in Finance from City University of Hong Kong.

Jiewen Jack Yang

Division Head, RMB Business Division, Economics & Strategic Planning Department

Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited

Jiewen (Jack) Yang is the Head of RMB Business Division at Economics & Strategic Planning Department of Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited. He is mainly responsible for the development of the bank’s overall RMB business, including policy research, formulation and enforcement of RMB strategy, and project management of key initiatives in RMB to best capture opportunities arising from the RMB internationalization for the bank.

 Jack is the key member of the bank's RMB team and heavily involved in the bank’s RMB initiatives since he first joined the bank in 2002. With extensive knowledge and strong experience in RMB business, Jack is nominated as the representative of the bank in the RMB Service Committee of Hong Kong Association of Banks since 2010.

 Jack was the Head of Product and Business Development Division and responsible for the formulation and enforcement of the bank’s overall product and business strategies. Jack is an experienced project manager with solid experience in leading a number of key projects, namely RMB Clearing Bank, CNY RTGS, QDII, QFII, cross-border payment system linkage, the Hong Kong – Shanghai and Hong Kong - Shenzhen Stock Connect, Shanghai – Hong Kong Gold Connect and the Bond Connect scheme.

Prahlad Giri

Deputy Director

Central Bank of Nepal

Mr. Giri is Deputy Director at Nepal Rastra Bank (Central Bank of Nepal) and has over 20 years of experiences in central banking primarily in economic research, financial market analysis, anti-money laundering and CFT bank compliances, internal audit and financial crime research. Recently, Mr. Giri has led a research on electronic banking fraud in Nepal.

Mr. Giri, has participated as panelist and Conference Speaker at various international conferences. He has got in-depth knowledge and experiences on emerging AML policies around the Asia and pacific. Currently, Mr. Giri is at Nepal Rastra Bank's Janakpur office and responsible economic research and other central banking activities. He was earlier, a specialized Trainer at Bankers' Training Centre of Nepal Rastra Bank and closely supervises, plans, design and develop training programs on financial reporting, AML/CFT, public relations of Banks/FIs, payment & settlement. Pralhad was amongst the central bankers who initiated Electronic Cheque Truncation in Nepal and successfully launched it since 2011.

Elisa Vilorio

Deputy Director of the Treasury Department

Central Bank of Dominican Republic

Elisa Vilorio Medina is a Technical Consultant and Deputy Director of the Treasury Department of the Central Bank of Dominican Republic, where she is responsible for the Management of the International Foreign Reserves, including quantitative analysis of risk management and portfolio management. She is a Fulbright Scholar and is pursuing a PhD in Economics at Florida International University (FIU). Miss Vilorio holds Master's degree in Finance and a post-graduate degree in Risk Management from the IAE Aix en Provence in France. She has participated in different projects with World Bank under the Reserve Advisory Management (RAMP) program. Likewise, Miss Vilorio has published several articles in the Central Banking Journal related to active management of a portfolio of International Reserves and hedging strategies using interest rate futures.

Milciades Contreras

Head of Financial Risk

Central Bank of Chile

Milciades Contreras is Manager of Financial Risk at the Central Bank of Chile where he is responsible for performance and risk monitoring for international reserve and sovereign wealth funds, and for domestic open market and debt operations. He is also responsible for forecasting the results of the central bank´s balance sheet, and has an advisory role in defining the bank’s risk management framework. He joined the central bank in 2005 and was Head of the Performance and Risk Department before his current position.

Previously, in the private sector, at Celfin Capital in Santiago he invested client fixed income and equity portfolios in the domestic and international markets, and at Bank of America in New York he traded the proprietary portfolio of emerging markets equities.

Before working in the financial sector, Mr. Contreras was a research Scientist at the University of Chicago between 1990 and 1996, in the field of experimental high-energy physics where he participated in the discovery of the top quark subatomic particle.

Milcíades has a degree in electrical engineering  from  Universidad de Chile (1983), a Ph.D. in physics from Brandeis University (1990) and an MBA from University of Chicago (1996). He has taught graduate finance courses at several universities and has been consultant in sovereign wealth fund management and financial risk management for the IMF.

Sándor Ladányi

Senior Investment Strategist

Central Bank of Hungary

Sándor Ladányi, CFA, FRM is a Senior Investment Strategist at the Central Bank of Hungary (MNB). He is currently responsible for the strategic and tactical asset allocation of the country’s foreign exchange reserve. He first joined the risk management department of MNB in 2014 and worked on developing the risk management framework of the bank. Prior to joining the central bank, he started his career at Morgan Stanley’s risk department focusing on the valuation of interest rate products. He earned his Master’s degree in economics at the Corvinus University of Budapest in 2012. After graduation, he completed the CFA and FRM Programs.


Ivan Lam

Head of Bond Trading, Global Markets

Bank of China (Hong Kong)

Ivan Lam is currently the head of bond trading in BOCHK's Global Market. Mr. Lam started his career in BOC group since 1991 as money market dealer and later specialized in capital market business since 1994. After BOCHK established sell side business in 2014, Mr. Lam oversees the trading business of fixed income products of BOCHK, especially developing offshore and onshore RMB bond market making business.

David Zeballos

Head of Central Banking Research Department

Central Bank of Bolivia

David Zeballos has over 18 years of experience at the Central Bank of Bolivia, currently he is the Head of Central Banking Research Department at the Main Economic Policy Advisor Office. This department is responsible for the analysis and research on topics of monetary and exchange policies. Previously, he was part of the middle office and front office at the Foreign Reserves Deputy Management for over 7 years.

David holds a degree in Economics from the Catholic University of Bolivia and a Master of Science in Economics from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. He has taught graduate and post graduate finance courses at several universities in Bolivia.

27 June 2018
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