Central Banking Publications, in partnership with Bank of China (Hong Kong), is proud to present the 7th Renminbi Roundtable which will take place on the 28 September 2017 in Copenhagen.

Our series of renminbi roundtables have come a long way since they were launched in 2014 - and so has renminbi. There has been the inclusion by the IMF of renminbi in the Special Drawing Right (SDR) basket and most recently the announcement that the European Central Bank has switched 500 million euros worth of its US dollar reserve to Chinese Yuan for the first time.

The ECB is the most powerful central bank to date to invest in renminbi. This purchase reflects the need to develop closer ties with China, one of Europe's largest trading partners, and acceptance of its position as a global super-economy. Is this switch from US dollar to renminbi a sign of things to come? China is making efforts to erode the dominance of the dollar and establish the renminbi as one of the world's leading international currencies but from a practical reserve manager's point of view questions remain on the convertibility, depth, issuer quality and market infrastructure.

Our 7th Renminbi Roundtable in Copenhagen will provide central banks an invaluable opportunity to come and gain detailed, practical insights into the renminbi and hear - first-hand from their peer's experiences of investing in the currency as a reserve asset. The format limits participation to 30 delegates, so please indicate your interest in participating as soon as possible by contacting, Rachel Morrissey at [email protected].


  • The Central Bank of Norway's approach to investing in the renminbi
  • The renminbi as a global reserve currency: a central banks perspective
  • Currency direction of the renminbi - setting benchmarks for renminbi investments
  • Future opportunities and potential obstacles - focus on the long terms trends ahead

Who Should Attend:

  • Head of Reserve Management
  • Head of Market Operations
  • Head of Financial Markets
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Treasurer/ Head of Treasury
  • Investment Director
  • Head of Risk
  • Head of External Fund Management
  • Head of Financial Stability


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