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Climate Change: Managing Financial Risks and Promoting Green Finance

Climate Change: Managing Financial Risks and Promoting Green Finance

September 20 – 23 

Chair: Morten Kjærgaard, independent consultant and former head of reserve management, National Bank of Denmark 

In 2021, central banks are increasingly being called upon to address climate change and the risks and challenges that it poses. They are acutely aware of the consequences of the physical impacts of climate change; the need to adopt environmental, social and responsible principles into their investment approaches in order to facilitate greening the financial system; as well as concerns around climate-related data quality and availability.

While many central banks acknowledge that climate change is a major threat to financial stability, they have varying opinions on what action they should take and considerations of whether the necessary tools are outside of their mandates. In this challenging environment, central banks need to balance the extent to which climate change should be integrated into core policy implementation frameworks, their support for sustainable growth, and mainstreaming greening the financial system while maintaining their key objectives and mandates.

This course, ‘Climate Change: Managing Financial Risks and Promoting Green Finance’ is designed to equip central bankers to meet these challenges.

Each day will feature three hours of expert-led live content to maximise the opportunity to share and learn. The course chair will ensure participants have opportunities to network throughout the programme.

Morten Kjærgaard

Independent consultant

former National Bank of Denmark

Morten is an independent consultant within asset management and public finance. He is former Head of Reserve Management at Danmarks Nationalbank where he was responsible for the trading, risk management, quant and monetary policy collateral units. He has also worked with monetary policy implementation, government debt management and international relations and has worked as an international consultant on behalf of the World Bank.