Kristian Flyvholm

Head of Reserve Management, Reserve Management Department

Central Bank of the U.A.E

Kristian Flyvholm served as inaugural CEO of the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds and established the global sovereign investor organization in the City of London. Prior to this assignment, he served at the International Monetary Fund (Sovereign Asset & Liability Management Division, MCM), European Central Bank (Investment Division), Danish Central Bank (Investment Division) and Bank of Botswana (Financial Markets Department) with emphasis on sovereign investment management.

Kristian brings 20+ years of institutional investor experience, including roles as Chief Investment Officer at Jyske Invest Fund Management, Head of Investments at the Danish Central Bank and Senior Advisor at Danske Bank.

Kristian holds an MBA from Aarhus University and B.Sc. (Business Finance) from Copenhagen Business School and is a research affiliate with the Fletcher School, Tufts University, Boston, USA.

Giacomo Gianetto

Senior Financial Sector Specialist

Asian Development Bank

Mr. GIACOMO GIANETTO is Senior Financial Sector Specialist with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) currently responsible for the financial sectors of the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia. Prior to joining ADB he served with the International Monetary Fund.  His career experience includes banking and also roles as a manager in banking supervision at the Central Bank of Kuwait and serving as long term financial sector advisor with banks, central banks and financial supervisors in 23 countries in Europe, South America, and across Asia.  He holds both an MBA and a Master’s degree in International Management.

Birger Vikøren

Executive Director and Chief of General Secretariat

Norges Bank

Mr. Birger Vikøren started his career at Norges Bank in 1987 when he joined the Bank as an economist on the economic policy department. He's since been in and part of a range of departments within the Bank and more recently Mr. Vikøren has been appointed Executive Director and Chief of General Secretariat, a role he moved into in 2016.

Mr. Vikøren is Chair of the Norges Bank's pension fund and is Norges Bank's representative on the board of Finanstilsynet (Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway).