New in Europe for 2020, Central Banking will host its first “CurrencyTech” event.

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NEW: CurrencyTech

Hosted with Central Banking’s FinTech & RegTech Global Summit, CurrencyTech considers all aspects of currencies’ lifecycles, including regulation and oversight.

Drawing on Central Banking’s 30 years of service to the central banking community and landmark Fintech events, this event will showcase how leaders in the central bank banknote, currency and payments community are:

  • Improving the provision of currency services to their publics
  • Tackling digital currencies and crypto assets
  • Regulating payments and payment providers
  • Using advanced technologies for currency management

CurrencyTech programme

(View the full FinTech & RegTech Global Summit programme here)

Day 1 - Banknote Analytics for Currency Management

Executive Introduction

Emerging risks and opportunities in CurrencyTech

Panel Debate
CBDCs, crypto assets and stablecoins: how, when and where will they impact central banks currency departments?

Case study
New applications of Big Data and Machine Learning in currency management   

Case study
New software solutions for monitoring banknote production 

Day 2 - New Developments in Digital Money

Executive Introduction

Evolution of the digital money landscape

Case study
CBDCs: technological foundations and challenges to implementation  

Case study
Understanding the impact on CBDC on financial stability: tools and techniques in focus