New for 2019, Central Banking hosted its first “CurrencyTech” event.

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NEW: CurrencyTech

Hosted with Central Banking’s FinTech & RegTech Global Summit, CurrencyTech considers all aspects of currencies’ lifecycles, including regulation and oversight.

Drawing on Central Banking’s 30 years of service to the central banking community and landmark Fintech events, this event will showcase how leaders in the central bank banknote, currency and payments community are:

  • Improving the provision of currency services to their publics
  • Tackling digital currencies and crypto assets
  • Regulating payments and payment providers
  • Using advanced technologies for currency management

CurrencyTech programme

(View the full FinTech & RegTech Global Summit programme here)

Day 1 - New Developments in Currency Technology


Executive Introduction
Technology innovation in currency management

Panel Debate
Cash and digitalization: will the evolution of digital payments spark the end of cash?

Topics include: 

  • Can cash and digital payments co-exist in the future?
  • Is there a “war on cash”? 
  • Are central banks obliged to safeguard cash?
  • CBDCs: what will be the implications for cash?

How are advanced technologies changing the way central banks manage currency?   

Topics include:

  • What are central banks doing to forecast demand for banknotes? 
  • How can Big Data be used in the lifecycle of banknotes? 
  • How to make gathering Big Data more cost effective?
  • Future of money and payments: what impact can Machine Learning and AI have?

Data analytics and data mining: new methods for currency management   

Topics include:

  • How is artificial intelligence being used in currency management?
  • How are central banks mining external data to manage currency? 
  • Banknote analytics: unlocking the potential of data 
  • Trends in data analytics for currency management 

Day 2 - Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) in Focus


Executive Introduction
New opportunities in digital currencies

Panel Debate
What is the financial stability impact of digital money on central banks mandates? 

Topics include: 

  • What are the risks with CBDCs?
  • Does digital money present a major threat to financial stability?
  • What are the future implications of crypto assets?
  • How should central banks be cyber resilient with digital money?

Central Bank Digital Currencies: case studies in focus

Topics include:

  • Examples of state of the art research into CBDC
  • What is the expected impact on the real economy?
  • How will CBDCs interact with existing monetary policy instruments?
  • Tips for effective communication of CBDC to financial services and the general public