Real asset investing - macro issues in 2018 and beyond

08.00 Registration and breakfast

09.10 Chairperson's opening remarks

09.10 Keynote address: Macro-economic overview: global growth prospects

  • Growing economic disparities between countries and classes
  • Threats to globalisation
  • Impacts of shifting dynamics in global trade

10.00 Presentation: Unlocking opportunities in China’s bond market  

  • Current status and recent growth
  • The most dramatic changes to have occurred
  • The risks, returns and opportunities
  • Reforms prospects

10.40 Networking break

11.10 Presentation: Middle East - continued focus on economic diversification 

  • Regional overview - outlook for the Middle East and Gulf region
  • Is it time to rethink diversification in the Gulf Cooperation Council?
  • Key steps to consider to drive forward diversification in economies
  • Improving short-term prospects

11.50 Workshop: ESG and sustainability: demonstrating active asset management

  • ESG in action
  • Is ESG a risk mitigation tool or a means to enhance returns?
  • Principles for responsible investment

12.40 Lunch

13.40 Group discussion: Changing dynamics of sovereign investing

  • What are the macro issues in 2018 and beyond for investors to keep in mind as they consider multi-asset strategies?
  • How do you think multi-asset investing will evolve over the next several years?
  • Taking into account the risks of climate change within investments
  • Portfolio allocation and the concept of economic fitness

14.20 Presentation: The strategic development sovereign wealth fund: a new model for SWFs

  • The evolution of SWFs
  • The Strategic Development Sovereign Wealth Fund as a new model for SWFs
  • Structure, governance and objectives of a Strategic Development Sovereign Wealth Fund
  • Portfolio allocation and the concept of economic fitness

15.00 Networking break

15.30 Panel: Political and economic shocks that will rock the markets in 2018-2019

  • The top 3 political or economic events
  • Why each will impact both global and regional markets
  • What are the best and worst case scenarios of each of these taking place?

16.20 Chairperson's closing remarks

16.30 Drinks reception